the pastor and crocodile

For last couple of days, a story – “Pastor eaten by crocodiles while trying to walk on water like Jesus” “ is making the rounds on internet. Nobody tried to validate the veracity of  story and started sharing and it went viral.

Somebody has rightly said,” science is a good servant but a bad master“. Same sentiments, we can echo for social media as well.

Till now, you must have realized that the story was a hoax not a truth. This story was published, initially, on a satirical website.

If you want to know more about this story please browse

A satirical website managed to fool the world with a spoof news story involving a Zimbabwean pastor who was eaten alive while trying to demonstrate how Jesus walked on water, file photo 

After reading some of the comments on internet, I would like to moot few points.


  • Don’t ridicule faith of someone.
  • Please check your wisdom before questioning someone’s mental ability. You may prove yourself moron by making premeditated comments.

To know the truth, please read

Finally, “Faith can move mountains”, however we must apply our logic before making any decision.

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