Out of the Box

Recently, I was traveling in Vistara Airlines from Bagdogra to New Delhi. The crew members started serving lunch packet to each guest. The packing of lunch was extremely attracting with the logo of Vistara but it didn’t caught my attention, something else caugth my attention. It was – the printed tagline on the box. I didn’t remember exactly what was written on the box. I am asking my brain to work hard on it  and get me some results.  The line was -“Everything in the box is out of the box.”These few words gave enough ammunition to my mind to think about “OUT OF THE BOX”.

What is this “OUT OF THE BOX”?

In your office, at your home or in the shop, you might have listened – these are the out of the box features or  it is out of the box thinking. The cliche “Out of the box” radiates two poles apart meaning in those 2 sentences.

Let us understand the concept of “Out of the box” with the help of very beautiful small story.

It is a story of mother – best creation in the world, who is blessed with 2 sons.

One day, the 10 Years old came home with gloomy eyes and dejected face.

Her mother asked,” what happened son!”.

“I was not able to answer one question in the class.”

“What was that?”

“Why is the Gupta Empire considered as the Golden age of India, I couldn’t answer this question.”

“O! my poor son!, don’t worry, I’ll let you know the answer”.

The son put her tiny arms around her mother’s neck.

“Anything else, do you want my son !”

“Nothing more Maa”

Maa is a good detective as well. She was able to read hidden emotions of her children by her motherly instinct.

“You are hiding something from me, my son.”

“No Maa”

“I can read your eyes beta.”

“Maa! you would not be able help me in this regard, hence I am not telling you, moreover I don’t want to see helplessness on your face.”

“Beta!, You are too young to think about my problems. Let me know what is eating you?”

“Maa!, I din not perform well in English dictation as well and I want to improve upon it.” Son said with gloomy eyes.

Son did understand that her mother knew little bit of English. He didn’t want to hurt his mother.

“Do you know how to read the book of English?” Mother asked

“Yes, I can read correctly but while writing I may commit mistakes.”

Mother thought for a moment and her eyes started gleaming with hopes.

“You write the passage from the English book in Devanagari Script and give it to me.”

Son wrote the the passage from the English book in Devanagari Script and gave it to his mother.

Now his mother was able to read whatever was written in Devanagari script and compared his copy with English book after that asked him to correct the spelling mistakes.

It is an example of out of the box thinking, with her  limited knowledge, she was able resolve English dictation problem of his son.

Next Incidence of her life when she exhibited out of the box thinking.

Her family was in deep debt. Her husband was extremely worried. She was also not keeping well. She was staying in a room with her younger son and husband. Both husband and wife wanted to pay the debt. In an afternoon, they were planning how to  pay the debt at that time, a relative came and started asking his money.

In this penury,the lady became more determined and told her husband, ’’forget about my illness, let us first return his money in installment after that we’ll see the doctor.”

“If you get seriously ill then…..”

“Then what, I’ll die but you have to return the money first.”

 Hearing this, husband gave up and stopped persuading her.

Her husband started paying debts in installment. After paying money every month, they were left with little money to rum their home. Her younger son was 5 years old and was not admitted to any school due to poverty; however, she wanted to teach him.

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